Blue Light from Computer Screen May Damage Your Eye

Our modern life is full use of digital device, they are all around we can not start our day without using digital device like computer, laptop, smartphone, tab, but 70% of people do not know that long period use of electronic device may damage your eyes. Though we cannot live without these devices so we have to protect your precious treasure our eyes and day by day our use of screen will increase with technology. These devices contain more blue light which is harmful for eyes.

Which light is Harmful for Eyes:- 

Human eye can see visible white light that is made with 7 different light VIBGYOR e.g. violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red. It exists between wavelength from 350mn to 750nm. Blue light has 400-430nm, it has short wavelength light is more strong energy and high damage property to our vision. High wavelength has less energy, low risk of damages.

Blue Light Sources:-

The main source is sunlight, but when you are not in sun expose indoor source are- digital screen, computers, laptop, smartphone, CFL blub, LED light. Sufficient amount of Blue light is necessary for good health but more amount of blue light may cause damage your eyes like this:- 

Retina May Affect

Prolong expose to blue light can lead to damage retina cause macular degeneration results are vision problem, regular doctor check-up will restore the vision.


You may notice only in working days your eyes are dry, feels headache, fatigue, a bit blurry vision, less sleep-in night but you will not feel these when your eyes are off from computer. Blue light also helps to boost cognitive function and elevates mood, maintain circadian rhythm means natural wake and sleep cycle but excessive exposure will affect on circadian rhythm.

How to Protect from Blue Light:- 

Digital screen filter use can reduce the amount of ray coming from electronic devices, could not reach to retina.

Blue blocking lens

A particular type of lens material which cuts the extra amount of blue light only not the normal blue light which is required to see. It increases contrast, gives cooling effect in eye, helps in eyestrain, also cuts UV light comes from sunlight. Anti-reflective coating lens reduce the excessive light comes from computer, increase contrast.

Minimum screen time

Every half an hour the eye should be off from digital device, give your eyes rest and blink as much as you can.

Morden technology helps after cataract surgery Intra ocular lens will implanted as a replacement of cloudy natural lens. So, it is important that artificial lens should have UV protected and blue light resist property, lens can help to see as well as protect retina.

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