Eyecare Tips For Monsoon | Eyesight4you

Rainy season is best pleasant relief from sunburn, heat, sandy summer but at the same time rain may cause eye infection, irritation on eye, so a little careful to your eye hygiene definitely help to control major eye issue. Many of us may have experience of several eye problems with rainy season.

Know Complication:- 

  1. A proper eye care need to protect from these problems like,Conjunctivitis, main symptoms are redness, swelling, itching, a bit watering.
  2. Stye, boil in upper or lower eyelid or lid margin.
  3. Dryness, people may face dry because of not wearing any eyewear or glass. Option is to use lubricating eye drops or consult with eye doctor, contact lens wearer having this symptom more often.
  4. Corneal ulcer, due to several time touching with dirty hand may cause dangerous painful infection in cornea, this may lead to corneal ulcer, better to wash eyes with fresh normal water and obvious consult with eye doctor.

Know the Tips to Stay Healthy in this Monsoon Season:-

Wear glass or sunglass: Protect from rain water, dirt, clay, other foreign particle, these are the main cause of eye infection, conjunctivitis, redeye, itching, stye, corneal ulcer. It is important to get wash hand, face and eye with clean water.

Avoid contact lens: Specially in travelling, is better to discontinue in rainy season, because wearing of lens a risk of accumulation of dirt over lens may cause corneal infection or ulcer. If you are more use to lens make sure your lens is properly clean and change solution in every 2 days.

Hygiene Maintain: Wash hands & face with cold, clean water regularly when you come from outside weather, do not hit water directly on eye, it may cause dryness, redness better to use artificial tear drops to make eyes cool.

Less Makeup & Cosmetics: Those who are having itching in eyes better not to use eye makeup, do not share makeup products with others and use best brand, also stick to one brand. Do not share handkerchief or towel may bacterial infection spread to others. Try to eat healthy food, do not self-medicate.

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