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Advantages Of Using Toric Contact Lenses For The Correction of Astigmatism

Why Toric Contact Lens

This is a very much satisfying product to correct Cylinder power and to give clear vision. The shape of the eye is irregular, it means eye may has astigmatism or cylinder power, so in this case the soft spherical contact lens is not purely capable of correction for cylindrical power, so we can advise Soft Toric Contact Lens and the result wil be amazingly acceptable also satisfying.

Spherical lens has one power and Toric lens has two power one is spherical and another is cylindrical, Toric lens can correct astigmatism.

Now What is Astigmatism

It is a refractive condition where the eye can not focus the image in one point, it will form two lines of images, the result is Blur image. To this condition cylindrical power is using in spectacle and also in contact lens as a correction.

How Can I Feel Astigmatism:- The person who has astigmatism may face commonly blurring of vision, spreading of words, edges of letters are not clear, also have headache, eye pain, eyestrain. In case of small amount of astigmatism, the symptoms are less or nil.

 Correction Options for Astigmatism

A big amount of people is generally use spectacle in from of cylinder. RGP contact lens are more accurate in case of high cylinder power more than 4D, because of its rigidity this lens keeps maintain its shape than soft lens. If the cornea has irregular surface and the astigmatism is high then the fitting may be unstable and discomfortable.

Spherical soft lens means the power distribution is even in all meridian of the lens, a good option for low cylinder power up to 0.75D. It is very common choice but depends on patient’s satisfaction.

Toric soft lens main indications are when the vision with glass is compromised, spherical lens will not provide satisfaction, when cylinder power is more than 1D, wearer are not comfortable with RGP. Toric lens has a particular axis same as spectacle, marking is present over the lens.

How to Wear

Wearing of soft toric lens is as similar like spherical lens. Practitioner need to check fitting, full coverage of cornea, only 0.5mm movement in the time of blinking, proper centration, clear vision.

Some good advisable Toric soft lens in market are 1Day Acuvue Moist, Acuvue Oasys, Baush n Lomb Pure vision for Astigmatism, Air optix.