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10 Best Hygienic Way to Handle and Apply Contact Lens

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These tips are very easy and helpful for your contact lens handling, these tips will also help in maintaining eye health acre and contact lens hygiene. Some general people may have these practical quarries about contact lens.

We are recommend 10 easiest way to handle your contact lens, These are given below:-

  1. Always wash your hand with normal shops before you keep contact lens on your palm.
  2. Gently take or slide the lens on your palm wash with proper contact lens solution, lightly rub to clean without any damage make sure you are not using nails otherwise lens will tear or break.
  3. Always check before put lens into eye, your lens is not inside out. Place the lens on the index finger if it is look like bowl and edge of lens is inward then its correct side or if its edge is outward then it is wrong side.
  4. Place the lens on tip of index finger remaining solution can through from the palm, with the finger of other hand pull upper lid and hold lower lid with the finger of other hand which is holding the lens.
  5. Now put lens on the black part of the eye which is cornea or can place it over the white part of eye opposite nasal side, wearer may decide which is easier. Then turn the eye on that side where lens is placed, it will come on the right position on cornea by itself slowly gently close your eyes.
  6. You can gently blink eyes lots of water will come, eyes may little red that is normal, make sure by looking in mirror that the lens is place centered, check comfort ness and vision one by one eye cover. 
  7. Removing of lens is always easy than insertion, slid the lens over white part of eyeball by index finger and pinch it with index and thumb without using nails take off the lens.
  8. Make up tips while using lens: use makeup after putting lens wash you hand make sure no touch of any oil, powder, cream on the lens, in time of remove lens first remove primarily eye makeup as much as you can gently then take off lens finally remove remaining makeup totally.
  9. Weekly wash lens case in normal water and then boil case in hot water for 10 minutes, change solution in which lens is soaking every 2 to 3 days, replace lens solution check the expiry. Very important replace the lens according schedule monthly, daily, quarterly.
  10. Contact lens only cover cornea though it is Ultra violet protected but for full protection you will use sunglass. Ask your doctor how long you can use lens per day they can suggest you not more than 12 to 14 hrs. Do not rub eye when lens is inside, lubricating eye drops can put on eyes for avoid dryness.

These are common and easy tips for good experience in contact lens journey for better eye health and vision.


By Banhi Maun

Being a Senior Optometrist With 10 years of experience on clinical optometry and ophthalmology. She is graduate in Optometry and vision science, worked at super speciality eye hospitals with her skillful knowledge. She shares lots of valuable information on eye health.

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Jackson Bushsays:

Very insightful article. It’s a good reminder that you should always wash your hands with normal soap when you touch contact lenses. My wife was asking me how she can be more cautious with her contacts. I’ll remind her to wash her hands before applying contacts.

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