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Dry Eyes: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments – Recent Study By Eyesight4you

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Dry eye condition has a lot of reasons and bunch of effective treatment options, it can be easily treated, depends on cause and sign symptoms. Your eye doctor may suggest, for success of that particular dry eye condition need to know signs and severity, though patient have to agree with doctor’s treatment, understand the counselling and follow the instructions which have given with consistent follow ups.

It is a condition where tear production of eye is less than normal or when tears evaporates very frequently, this is common also in healthy population of 20% who are visiting in hospital but it may chronic in nature when it leads to Dry eye syndrome may cause infection of eyes, happens in old age, women are more affected than men.


  • Insufficient production of tears from eye glands, tear is not properly distributing on eye surface.
  • Inflammation of Eyelids glands which helps to make tears composition, tears made with oily layer (lipid layer), watery layer (aqueous layer), mucin layer. Problems with these 3 layers can cause insufficient tears distribution.
  • Systemic diseases like Rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Sjogren syndrome, diabetes, vitamin-A deficiency, any refractive surgery done, menopause.
  • Some medicines may cause dryness in eye such as sleeping tablets, contraceptive pills, morphine or painkiller, decongestants, antihistamines.
  • Another cause now a day’s continuous use of computer, laptops, electronic gadgets, it has excessive light rays comes into eye and constant eye focusing may less blinking rate, it may cause dryness in eye, long time of driving, air blow on eyes may get dry.
  • Environment may cause like hot, sunny weather, sometimes air-condition room.

Person has Dryness may feel these Symptoms, are:-

  • Burning sensation and soreness in eye
  • Foreign body sensation
  • Mild discharge
  • Blur vision, difficult to open eyes
  • Sensitive to light, air blow smoke
  • Redness, irritation in contact lens wear


Lubricating Eyedrops – Person can put artificial eye drops (composition is sodium-carboxy-methyl -cellulose, polyethylene glycol 400 & propylene glycol ophthalmic solution) which helps to keep moist eye surface feels smooth and cool effects.

Medicines- Immunosuppressive drug.

Tear duct plug- Silicon plugs is used to block tear duct to increase lubrication for longer stay of tears.

Vision correction with correct power glass, wear fully wrap glass protect from hot air, smoke, pollution. Clean eye lids regularly to remove discharge or dirt accumulation.

Some diets can helps reduce dry eyes that is omega-3, omega-6 fatty acid, oily fish, walnuts olive oil, pumpkin, soybean etc.  

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By Banhi Maun

Being a Senior Optometrist With 10 years of experience on clinical optometry and ophthalmology. She is graduate in Optometry and vision science, worked at super speciality eye hospitals with her skillful knowledge. She shares lots of valuable information on eye health.

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