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Latest recharge says use of safety glasses may protect eyes from most of every injury it may be minor or major, not only injuries but also pollution, hot air, eye allergies from dust, pollen etc. Having knowledge about safety glass or eye ware that makes your life more fruitful.

Materials Are:

The best material is used for safety glass is polycarbonate, it has break resistant than other glass or fibers, also has less weight than glass, more comfortable to wear regularly. Though it is soft in nature than glass it has a chance to have easily scratch even it has scratch-coating. You can put ant-reflecting coating over eye ware, but break resistant or impact resistant test is important to verify by glass provider.

Impact Resistant Test: A genuine safety eye ware should go through impact test after made with power or without power, both lenses are made with same material. Two type of impact resistant test are low impact or basic impact and high impact.

Basic impact test, in this small steel ball which is 1 inch size drop on the lens from 50 inch of height, a proper lens will not break then that lens will pass this test.

High Impact Test: In this 3 inch of diameter steel ball will drop on lens from the speed of 150 ft/second, that lens must not displaced from lens holder and not break.

Safety Glass Has These Signs: Lens has ‘+’ mark that denotes it has pass high impact resistant test, ‘V’ marking indicates photo chromatic lens, ‘S’ indicates lens has tint use to reduce the excessive light. Frame has to be high impact resistant and durable.

Safety Glass Use:

Some occupations need high impact eye ware like welding, brazing, millwrights, carpenters, plumber, labours. Face protective and side shields may require for some work.

Some goggles are made with prescription power, reading, bifocal, in this case better to consult eye doctor or optometrist. Non power glass will available in hardware store, sports store, mainly made by polycarbonate, comfortable and light weight.

Safety goggles are always recommended for sports like golf, hunting, shooting, fishing, lens has to be anti-reflecting coating, mild tint is good usually amber or yellow. Better to use elastic band with frames will be attached with head properly.

Use goggles in time of swinging protect from chlorine water, pool bacteria, while roaming in sunlight use UV radiation protective goggles, sports purpose football, hockey goal keeper needs helmet with goggle, testing laboratory performer also better to use protection.

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