Puffy Eye – Common Causes and How to Control Easily

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Lots of people having puffy eye which may happens with unknown cause, it is not a disease but very generally happens should know the cause and how can be control, though lower part of eyelid looks like potato so you may it eye bag.

The Common Causes and How to Control it Easily: –

Insufficient Sleep:-

Very common to people who are not taking proper sleep at night regularly, body make water retention, eye puffiness will grow and day by day the body get tired and looks like aged, so every 8 hrs sleep is must to have good health.

Quick Weight Loss:-

It may cause after fat loss due to crash dieting the skin will lose, body will try to fulfill the water, so water can accumulate as eye bag, that is why people should go slow for weight loss, this slow reducing weight will not come back again but by quick trick of crash diet weight may come back.

High Use of Salt in Meal: –

Some people has normally a bit puffy eye or by hereditary, they have to control of food habit on salt, 1 table spoon of salt is sufficient for whole day to adult body. High intake of salt may cause of water accumulation, so try to avoid table salt.

Hormonal Imbalance:-

It may cause water and fat accumulation under facial skin, face shape may change and eye bag happens. Thyroid, menopause, PCOD, pregnancy these are common cause of hormonal imbalance, can consult with particular doctor or dermatologist. Alovera gel is very useful to under eye, tea bag can place over eye, sufficient water intake like 3 liters, lemon juice in water is also good, green tea is very effective to control puffiness.

Eye Related Cause:-

In case of trauma over eye area, any eye allergy, insect bite, any post-operative case these are common causes of puffy eye. It will settle by eye treatments may consult with ophthalmologist.


By Banhi Maun

Being a Senior Optometrist With 10 years of experience on clinical optometry and ophthalmology. She is graduate in Optometry and vision science, worked at super speciality eye hospitals with her skillful knowledge. She shares lots of valuable information on eye health.

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