7 Top Tips for Contact Lens Wearer in This Summer | Eyesight4you

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In this summer you will be a happier and easily manageable person to contact lens wear, a bit care to make comfortable contact lens wear and you can also suggest others to try contact lens looks these are the tips:-

1. Better to bring contact lens new pack only for that travel to enjoy your vision comfortably, daily disposable lens is best option when you are going for beach holidays. There is no carrying for contact lens solution or to soaking lens overnight.

2. Use daily disposable lens for whole day awaking time and throw it before going to be, monthly disposable lens is also good option when daily disposable is costly but try to avoid conventional yearly lens, once it damages there will no option to use.

3. Always cover your eyes by sunglass to protect from UV rays not only but also dust and pollution. You may use wide Hat or umbrella in your holiday.

4. Most of people worry about their sun burn of skin but at the same time eye protection is necessary. Contact lens wearer be careful to use sun cream to contact with eyes, it will may deposits on lens may leads infection in future.

5. Do not sleep or do not swim with contact lens, then your travel will be not happy for your negligence. Always keep in mind take off contact lens before sleep and going into pool, it may raise a risk of eye infections. Pool water has chlorine so to avoid water contact with your lens better to wear tight swimming goggles to control the risk of infection.

6. Need to put artificial tear drops over contact lens to hydrate lens it feels comfortable for eyes. Proper tear distribution over lens give you clear vision and compatible to eye in every weather. Your doctor may suggest some tear drops and frequent use of drops will give you pleasant longer time contact lens wear.

7. Always keep your spectacle in your bag in case if your eyes are getting irritation, redness, prick sensation with contact lens so better to discontinue lens and use your spectacle is safe.