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Know Exact Causes Of Double Vision or Diplopia

One object but two images, it may happen for both eye or for one eye. It mainly happens when the images forms on different place of retina in both eyes.

You may see Double images, it may be horizontal or vertical, pain when you are moving eyeball, headache.

Causes of Binocular Diplopia

When Double vision happens with both eyes.

  • Very common cause is involvement of eye muscles, we have 6 extra ocular muscles which controls our eye movements and also alinements. So, in case of muscles paralysis, eye movements will restrict, image will form on another place of retina of weak eye. Thyroid patient may have vertical diplopia.
  • When any tumour is present in orbit.
  • Spectacle power is not accurate, axis is not proper. Commonly in case of Anisometropia, means high difference in power more than 4D in both eyes, as a example in uniocular aphakia.

Causes of Monocular Diplopia

When One eye is seeing double vision, even normal eye is closed.

  • Corneal area effect like Keratoconus, corneal opacity, dryness.
  • If the person has cataracts, due to change in lens fibre, dislocation of normal lens due to trauma or congenital, dislocation of Intra ocular lens.
  • When any tumour is present in brain or spinal cord.
  • Present of two pupil or large size of peripheral iridectomy.

Treatment: –

  1. Commonly affected eye will be patch or close most of the time it is truly helpful.
  2. Use of prism in glass prescription also reduce the diplopia symptoms.
  3. Finally treat the other cause like thyroid, tumours in brain, any trauma.