What Are the Eye Problems in HIV Positive Person? | Eyesight4you

HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus) which affects on human’s body immune system so the ability to fight against illness is majorly affected, the result is AIDS (Acquired immune deficiency syndrome). HIV virus affects on T-cell of body, the T-cell will damage and destroy, normal T-cell count is 550 -1500, when this numbers will drop below 250, so the person has AIDS suspects.

Can HIV spread by Eye!

HIV virus can be detectable from eye tears fluid but it can not spread by this fluid, these are the spreading medium Blood, semen and its fluid, vaginal fluid, breast milk, rectal fluid. 7 people out of 10 those will have eye problems with lower T-cell count.

HIV Related Eye Signs Are:-

  • Retinopathy due to HIV White spots, slightly bleeding on retina, retina has very small blood vessels it may block or damage.
  • Cytomegalovirus retinitis- Severe retinal condition with retinal detachment, vision blur, person may face floaters, flash of light.
  • Kaposi’s sarcoma- A type of tumour may growth on sclera (white part of eye) or on eyelid.
  • Herpes zoster virus attack- mainly affects on face and eye but it may attack on any where in body, commonly seen in old adults, a patchy crusty rash may see the affected area, cause eye pain, watering, redness if not treated vision loss.

These Are the Following Eye Symptoms of HIV Related Person that You Cannot Ignore:-

  • Blur vision and colour vision affected.
  • Eye pain and light sensitivity.
  • Watering.
  • Seeing floaters.


  • Early eye check-up is important very often every 3 to 6 months and diagnosis can prevent vision damage and spreading of disease.
  • Modes are eyedrops for any eye infections.
  •  Oral systemic antibiotics.
  •  Surgery and laser for any retinal disorder and bleeding.
  •  Radiation need to treat any tumour.