Why Artificial Lens is Needed After Cataract Surgery

Do you have cataract, no need to worry we can understand your concern

First you have to know What is cataract, it is a natural process where slowly our natural lens will cloudy due to change in protein of lens fibres. This is mostly aging process most of the people are going through this phase after age of 50.

Physiologically with age the lens is become less transparent and thicker, the light rays will not properly focus to retina so the image clarity and quality will less clear comparable to natural lens. People may face some problems like- hazy vision, color and contrast defects of objects, light glare, frequent change in spectacle power.

A cataract will not cure with any eye drops or spectacle, mainly surgery is only correction option and world-wide cataract surgery is too much frequent, safely performed.

Modern Cataract Treatment:- 

  1. In very past days there was cataract surgery procedure without putting Intra Ocular Lens (IOL), because of that after surgery when lens remove the patient used thick spectacle glass to see. And the power of the glass was too high like +10D or more.
  2. Now in our Modern technology a small thin artificial lens will implanted into the eye. This lens is made of elastic and transparent synthetic also very compatible with eye, composition is Polymethyl methacrylate. By this artificial lens person can see properly or can restore the previous clear vision and can also enjoy daily life activity.
  3. Day by day the technology of IOL are improving, there are different types of IOL example – most common and affordable is monofocal lens which has single power, only corrects distance sight. Bifocal lens has two different power to correct far and near sight. Trifocal or multifocal lens has proper power distribution which can correct near, far, intermediate distance. As a result, a patient with trifocal may enjoy daily life activity, more comfortable, no restricted vision. So now you take a call and finally decide your choice, enjoy life fullest.