Why Reading Glass at 40’s

We See the middle age or aged people are using reading glass to see near object or reading materials. This condition is common to every human because it is a age related process, clinically known as Presbyopia.

What is Presbyopia: –

It is a condition when our near vision will gradually weak, we cannot focus near objects properly at the age of 40 or more. People may face also headache, neck pain strain, while doing near work.

Physiology Behind It: – 

The ciliary muscles in eye which helps to our natural lens to change its shapes and size while focusing near objects and as well as distance, so now after 40 this muscle loos its elasticity and cannot help to lens in focusing, mainly in near works. This character of lens is Accommodation. Whereas this accommodation ability in children is higher than adult because their muscles are more active.  

Therefore, it is difficult for Lens to focus we have to give a support from outside that is mainly reading glass as a form of spectacle or contact lens rarely.

Reading glasses are always plus in Power. It will magnify the near objects and enhance the image quality. People feels more comfortable I their daily life activity. The power of the glasses are starts from +0.75DS to +3.00 DS. The power will change slowly with increasing age and the power will change in every 1to 2 years.

Sometimes Presbyopia may happen 2 to 3 years before 40 is called Early Presbyopia also quite natural or sometimes it will come late at 42.

We always advice to use reading glass or Bifocal spectacle while near work, this is the main way out for this condition. Periodical eye check-up also advice with eye specialist.