Smoking May Cause Unexpected Vision Loss – Expert Says

Most of people know that smoking cause heart problems and lung diseases, however many people do not know that smoking is a risk factor of vision loss. Here we have lots of vision problems that can increase risk of vision loss, that means smokers have more prone to vision loss than non-smokers. The artery will lose and less elastic due to consumption of nicotine and carbon monoxide, this cause rupture of blood vessels.

Here is Lots of Problems Due to Smoking is a Risk Factor: –

Cataract: Smokers are 3 times more reactive to developing cataract than normal age-related cataract formation. Regular eye check- up will guide the stages of cataract which is form, may plan for surgery to recover vision.

Glaucoma: This is not directly related but is a risk factor, if happens primarily you may do not get any symptoms but if you are 40 and smoker should thorough eye check up with eye specialist. Doctor will advise eye pressure check, visual field test and then may start treatments.

Diabetic Retinopathy: Smoking should be immediately stop if a person has diabetes, retinopathy is very common in diabetic person, retinal blood vessels become weak, macular swelling, haemorrhages, this will cause sever vision loss. Need dilated retina check-up, ophthalmologist may advise laser, injection and regular check-up.

Age-related Macular Degeneration: Mostly happens after 60, in this condition central part of retina affected and cause central vision loss or wavy images.

Dry Eyes: Dryness is More likely to smokers than non-smokers, frequent smokes may cause irritation and dryness on eyes.

Smoking cause lots of eye problems no doubt, so smoking should stop to get healthy vision and healthy life.